Elections Ahead: NOW is the TIME to Critically Analyze Your Potential Candidacy (PART 1)


In the city of Toronto, and in many cities across North America, there are a number of people meeting, building strategies and contemplating their prospects for running a campaign for office. This is a busy time for people like myself who are hired as independent consultants to create strategies, and analyze the current market for a potential to win for their clients.

Many people do not realize the amount of work that is done prior to becoming an official candidate.

What You Should Have In Place Before Becoming an Official Candidate:

1) Campaign Manager

2) A Strong Platform (Message)

3) A well- written and ‘favourable’ biography

4) Website url registered, and a working website

5) CLEAN online footprint (ensure all social media accounts are clean from anything that can hurt your campaign)

6) Knowledge of the constituents and history of the area you will be running a campaign in


7)  If you are not living in the geographic area that you want to run your election campaign in, you should definitely consider becoming a resident prior to elections.

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“Service Award” winner at the 2013 African Entertainment Awards

African Entertainment Awards Statement:
Ford Publicity is a global marketing communications agency established in Toronto, Canada by Tiffany Ford. The agency has worked with various African companies around the world, and specializes in raising the profile of African Entertainment. Notably, Ford Publicity has been the premiere marketing and publicity agency for major African events, concerts and media companies such as: African Entertainment Awards, Microbell Media Group, TelAfric Television Network, AMET TV, Afrikadey! Festival (Calgary), Afropolitan (Houston), Afri-Culture Magazine (Ottawa), Africa-Atlanta (Georgia Tech University), Hype Records, Red Lipstick Music Concert (Ghana), Iyanya’s Canada Tour, Wizkid’s Canada Tour, Bracket’s Tour (Canada and Australia), Flavour N’abania and many more.
Ford Publicity receives the service award for their dedication to raising the profile of the African Entertainment industry in Canada and around the world.

My Facebook Vent on the Island of Grenada’s Healthcare System Goes Viral

After my Facebook Vent about the poor state of the health care system in Grenada, it went viral with many Grenadians sharing my sentiments. The Grenada Broadcast website has written an article using my many words to describe my frustration as a center piece for stirring a national discussion.

Please read and share - http://grenadabroadcast.com/news/all-news/15658-where-have-you-heard-this-before

Women in Leadership

I’ve had an amazing opportunity to hear from the great women currently in positions of power in the province of Ontario. The non-profit group ‘Equal Voice’ put on a great reception showcasing women in politics. Guest speakers included our new Ontario Premiere, Honourable Kathleen Wynne, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario’s Deputy Leader – Chrstine Elliott, and Andrea Horwath – Leader of the New Democratic Party of Ontario.


Deputy Leader of Progressive Conservatives Leadership of Ontario - Christine Elliott

Women in Leadership

Attention to Details FAIL – Bank of Canada’s Maple Leaf ‘Mistake’

Canada is known for many great things, and now its known for its “plastic” money, with what has been pointed out recently as the “wrong” maple leaf on its currency. 
According to Sean Blaney, a botanist with the Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre, the leaf on the bank note are actually Norway maple and not Canadian. 
Non-Canadian maple leafs on Canadian currency? The irony could be quite the global embarrassment if it is true. 
Bank of Canada’s spokesperson Julie Girard, came up with a perfectly logical response, “It is not a Norway maple leaf. It is a stylized maple leaf and it is what it ought to be.” (Reuters)
The term “stylized” can be interpreted that the maple leaf isn’t traditional, and neither is it boring but brought up to date, modern or fashionable?
Julie Girard also stated that the  banknote designers created the image with the help of a dendrologist, a botanist who specializes in trees and shrubs.On the advice of this expert, steps were taken to ensure that the design of the leaf in the secondary window is not representative of a Norway maple,” she said, adding that it was less rectangular than a Norway maple.
Regardless if this is true or false, the new Canadian currencies have been an ethics problem since its debut. 
First with a racial controversy of  an  Asian lab assistant on its new C$100 banknote, which focus groups said Asians should not be the only group represented. Critics then accused the bank of racism. The Bank of Canada then  issued an apology an replaced the Asian looking woman for a more Caucasian looking woman. (It is always better to stick to dead Prime Ministers or National Heros). 
An image says a thousand words, and conveys messages to both those who disseminate and receive.  There is a serious lack of regards at time, that many of us must be aware of due to sensitivity and ignorance.
Before placing an image on materials to be seen by a public, first think about what those images are conveying. There has been plenty of times where a logo, or image is set to represent ideals or to attract through marketing that end up back-firing or being offensive unintentionally.
The eyes of this world has seen a lot due to the rapid pace of technology and social media. Knowledge of stereotypes and power ideologies are now clearer than ever to many.
Marketing campaigns with hidden agendas use to be overlooked, but now the public and media watch dogs look for every opportunity to catch  a mistake, that ultimately would need to be explained.
Now we live in a world where we all have digital tools to capture via video or photography any mistake by anyone, at any given moment. We are all in danger of falling to the next victim of Social Media Scandal material.
Using the Bank of Canada’s mistake, or lack of regard for details as an example, let us always analyze through different lens what an image can mean to any audience.
Make sure you can defend what you portray, or else never allow it to come to light (or don’t put your name on it).